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Directory overview

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Google Maps
  • Google Maps is probably the most well-known map and navigation system in the world. It offers businesses the benefit of having the business listing pin map displayed directly above regional search results. It is therefore possible for you to get a place in the search results even without a company website.
  • Since 2004, GoYellow has been supporting companies in opening up new target groups and increasing sales. In addition, the portal scores 1,300,000 visitors per month. Companies can provide their customers with a wide range of information (e.g. contact details, pictures, videos, opening hours and company description).
  • The actual monthly price for a premium entry: 29.90 € / 29.07 CHF
  • Koomio brings more customers to your store! Because Koomio presents your offers with suitable regional search queries, it doesn’t matter whether customers are looking for your name, your products or your industry. As a highlight, customers can save search queries and be informed whenever new offers are available.
  • Actual monthly price for a premium entry: 14,95 € / 14.50 CHF
  • offers its users a wide range of options. Among other things, you can find Germany’s largest calendar of events, a job and training exchange, a partner exchange and a real estate market on The business directory helps customers to find your contact details faster.
  • The actual monthly price for a premium entry: 24,92 €/ 24.25 CHF
  • The city directory offers around 4,100,000 visitors a month with detailed information on 3,000,000 companies from 800 different sectors. Over 20,000 of the companies have already been rated by users. A city map and a route planner are available for almost every place in Germany.
  • is known as a Germany-wide marketing network and online directory. With 420,000 company entries, the portal is one of the largest of its helps companies optimize their placement in search engine results and win new customers.
  • The current monthly price for a premium entry: 8,25 € / 8,00 CHF
  • As the largest social network for neighbors, Nextdoor gives you the opportunity to connect with other neighbors and local information you can trust. Over 250,000 neighborhoods are already represented on Nextdoor, with a focus on trust, so users must have their contact information verified upon registration.
  • Yalwa is an international business directory that is present in over 60 countries in 5 different languages and helps its users find local business information. Yalwa also offers a large advertising market and a rating function for business listings.
  • Ă–ffnungszeitenBuch allows users to quickly and easily find out the opening hours of businesses and is the largest provider in this segment with over 3,400,000 company listings. The directory receives more than 6,500,000 visitors per month.
  • With more than 8,500,000 users per month, is one of the leading search engines in Germany. ensures that users quickly find what they are looking for and provides comprehensive information on companies.
  • Dialo is one of the leading business directories and online telephone directories in Germany. Dialo specializes in optimizing search engine rankings and makes it easy for its users to find information about the companies they are looking for. The recommendation and rating function offers a first impression of the 4,000,000 companies listed.
  • Hotfrog is an online directory for small businesses, where companies can advertise the benefits of their products and services to their customers. Hotfrog has more than 69,000,000 business listings worldwide (38 countries), which are accessed by 1,600,000 visitors per month.
  • Yellbo is an online business directory, which is characterized by its clear and concise industry classification by location.
  • is a regional free service for customers who want to share their experience with other users or benefit from the experience of other customers. Customers have the opportunity to rate your company on, and a rating on acts like word of mouth in your region.
Lokale Auskunft
  • offers users the opportunity to explore their destination or city by clicking on the virtual map. The popular information portal has more than 4.5 million company entries, 32 million telephone subscribers and provides information about every city in Germany.
  • The Jelloo online directory is all about the online visibility of the listed companies. To add as much value to your business as possible, your listing on Jelloo helps you generate more external links and provides you with a landing page for your listing. Of course, your entry on Jelloo is optimized for smartphones.
  • Trustpilot was founded in Denmark in 2007 and is now the number-one rating portal. Almost one million new ratings are written on the portal every month. Trustpilot thus offers your company an ideal opportunity to enhance its online reputation.
  • In 1995, Kapitol SA set up the very first online telephone directory in English. Today, Infobel, based in Brussels, Belgium, operates internationally and already had more than 140 million entries with telephone numbers in 2014.
  • Baidu is a search engine of the Chinese company of the same name. In addition to the normal search function, Baidu offers the search for MP3 files. Perhaps this small detail is one of the decisive points for the high number of visitors because according to Alexa statistics, Baidu is one of the top 3 websites visited by users worldwide.
Brown Book
  • Brownbook is an international business directory with more than 2.7 million company entries in Germany alone. The company entries are listed on Google, ASK, Bing and Yahoo and offer you the possibility to assign several search engine results regionally with one search term.
  • Companies can enter data such as opening hours, telephone numbers and business addresses in the BundesTelefonbuch. The Bundestelefonbuch also offers its users a rating function.
  • As the successor to Live Search, Bing is Microsoft’s current search engine and went live in January 2009. In 2010, Bing was the third most used search engine after Google and Yahoo.
  • According to LiveInternet, the Russian search engine Yandex is used for 51.2% of all searches in Russia. Yandex is also becoming increasingly popular with users in Germany.
  • is a German online platform that offers you the possibility to add opening hours and directions in addition to your master data. It is also possible for users to rate your company and view existing ratings.
  • Findeoffen supports users in their search for businesses that are still or already open, such as craftsmen, banks, doctors, car service providers, supermarkets, restaurants or stores.
  • iGlobal is an online platform that lists companies and freelancers from 60 countries worldwide and is available in 18 languages. Users can search for suitable entries in their region and also rate them.
  • Abclocal offers its users a sophisticated search function, which has proven particularly useful when searching for cultural providers in the area. With a direct search, museums, restaurants, cinemas, hotels, doctors and cultural institutions can be displayed.
  • The company information database contains more than 5.1 million company addresses and offers companies a comprehensive service in the field of marketing. In addition to searching for company names, companies have the option of defining their target group and can display trend graphics and maps showing the distribution of the target group. Tools such as market, location and industry analyses are also available to them.
  • In addition to the 23 million company entries on infoisinfo, more than 4000 new entries are added every month, with the portal represented in 32 countries worldwide. Tools such as market, location and industry analyses are also available to them.
Branchenbuch Deutschland
  • Branchenbuch Deutschland is a nationwide and regional online business directory in which companies can publish their master data and contact details. In addition, their entry is displayed with a pin on a regional map.
  • Cylex has been around for over 16 years. As an international business directory, Cylex is well-positioned in 33 countries. With 5,000,000 company entries and 20,000,000 visitors per month, Cylex is also one of the leading business directories in Germany. Customers can make inquiries directly via the directory.
Freie Auskunft
  • In the Germany-wide ranking of the most-visited websites, free information is ranked 10,290, and still ranked 224,191 worldwide. The company entries are displayed on Google and Co. more than 400,000 times a month.
  • Golocal offers its users authentic and up-to-date recommendations from companies (e.g. craftsmen, doctors, restaurants) from the region. Users can also create recommendations themselves. According to statistics, online recommendations have a similarly strong effect on customers as a recommendation from a friend.
  • Wogabeswas helps users to easily find services, goods and products in their area. The company directory alone lists 230,000 dealer entries with opening hours and 75,000 products.
  • The American service company Uber is based in San Francisco and helps commuters, business travelers and travelers to organize their journey. Users can offer rides and deliveries or order food delivery and rides.
  • WhereTo offers its users a radically better user experience. The user platform learns with every visit and is easy to implement. Users can run the platform on both desktop and mobile. The system gives the traveler recommendations that take into account current traffic conditions as well as customer loyalty accounts.
  • On the American tourism platform Tripadvisor, travel enthusiasts can view reports and reviews of 135,000 travel destinations, 1.1 million B&Bs and hotels, 4.2 million restaurants, 830,000 holiday apartments and 730,000 sights (as of 2016). In addition, Tripadvisor is used as a digital “bulletin board” in which travel reports from magazines, newspapers, forums and travel guides are linked.
  • HolidayCheck AG has its headquarters in Bottighofen (TG) and operates online hotel rating and travel booking portals. Users can access 9 million hotel reviews and compare prices from 100 tour operators.

Social Media

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Google Business Profile
  • One of the most important and most frequently used functions of Google My Business is probably Google Maps with the Google Route Planner. 41% of ALL Internet users regularly use Google Maps for their searches and spend an average of 3 minutes on the platform. In addition, the rating function of Google My Business offers companies the opportunity to gain customer trust as early as the search query and to achieve better placement in the search engine results. In our blog article, you can learn more about the benefits of Google My Business: Why a Google My Business listing is so important for your company.
  • With over 1.6 billion active users, Facebook is and will remain one of the leading social networks worldwide. In Germany alone, Facebook is used by 24 million people every day. Interesting articles and offers spread through the networked users like wildfire on a hot summer day.
  • With over 55,000,000 active users, Foursquare is the number one location-based social network worldwide. Users have already submitted over 70,000,000 recommendations and tips on Foursquare.
  • Instagram allows users to post their favorite moments they experience on the go every day. With over 4,000,000 active users per month, it is no wonder that brands and companies are regularly mentioned in the posts.

Navigation systems

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Apple Maps
  • In addition to navigation data, Apple’s map service also offers the display of POIs. With more than 380 million users, Apple Maps has a very affluent target group. Apple Maps also delights its users with spoken directions and real-time traffic information.
Microsoft Bing Maps
  • Free Internet map service
  • The offer includes satellite & aerial photos
  • Services such as route planning & location search are available
  • More than 315,000 hits in Google search results
  • World’s leading manufacturer of navigation systems
  • Maps of 118 countries worldwide
  • Google Places listings can be found on the maps
  • More than 400,000 vehicles use TomTom navigation systems
  • Approx. 2.3 million visitors/month & 800 million users worldwide
  • An online map service & a navigation program
  • With mobile applications HERE Maps, HERE Drive, HERE Transit, HERE Explore Beta
  • More than 7.8 million hits in Google search results
  • Market share of 80% for vehicles with integrated navigation systems
  • More than 1 billion users
  • Waze, the GPS-supported navigation system for mobile devices, is able to transmit the current speed to the operator automatically. Users are able to share additional traffic information and actively participate in adapting the maps for turn-by-turn navigation.
Petal Search
  • Even if it seems so to many – Petal Search is not an app. The best way to describe Petal Search is as a search engine created by Huawei and available on Huawei and other Android devices.
  • Siri is an intelligent personal assistant capable of recognizing and processing naturally spoken language. The software was developed by Apple and runs on operating systems provided by Apple such as iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS.
Microsoft Cortana
  • Like Siri, Microsoft Cortana is able to recognize and process naturally spoken language. The software comes from Microsoft and can be run with Windows 10 and Xbox One operating systems. As of January 2020, Microsoft Cortana is no longer available for Android and iOS devices.

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